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Create profitable partnerships using our SaaS partner platform

Unlock the technology to deliver high-performance partnership marketing campaigns. Reach your ideal customers, grow your sales and simplify your processes through our platform, Optimise Insights.

Power your campaigns with a complete partnership marketing platform
Partner Reporting
Improve the performance of your campaigns through deeper insights. With real-time reporting, performance analytics and automatic alerts, you can monitor the metrics that matter to the success of your campaigns.
Partner Management
Assess your partners' performance and predict future behaviour. Use our automated tools to simplify your partner relationships and improve the efficiency of your campaigns.
Partner Intelligence
View your competitors' cashback and voucher offers 24x7 and receive alerts when they change rates. Develop your strategy and spot opportunities to improve your offers with data-led insights from our Market Intelligence tool.
Partner Explorer
Select new partners from our global network to expand your campaigns. Browse partner types, channels and payment metrics to choose partners with the right qualities for your strategy. With our support, you’ll grow and optimise the partnerships you build.
Partner Pay
Streamline partner payments with our managed service. Attract partners to your campaigns with our Express Pay option that allows partners to request withdrawals up to 1 day after conversion.
Partner Tools
Simplify your partnership marketing with our time-saving tools. Partners can effortlessly monetise content with paid links using our simple integrations, browser extensions and messenger bots.
Partner Tracking
Attribute sales accurately across any device at any time. Server-to-Server, our future-proofed technology, ensures data privacy and easily integrates with your existing tech and 3rd parties.
Partner Compliance
Run safe and sustainable campaigns to protect your brand. Fraud monitoring intercepts and removes suspicious activity while our traffic management specialists ensure partners comply with your terms and policies.
Manage partner marketing your way
Easily run your partnerships in-house using our technology platform
Discover new partners and automate your relationships through our partnership marketing platform. Improve your brand's visibility and simplify campaign management with easy-to-use tools. With control over your partnerships, you can grow your campaigns and improve performance.
Enhance your partnership marketing with campaign support and expertise
Extend your capability beyond the platform with our specialist services. Choose from campaign management and commercial advice or hands-on support and strategic expertise. You also receive in-depth product and market insights from our local and global teams. With access to our specialists, you can extend your reach and optimise your performance.
Expand your partnership programmes through our fully-managed service
Scale up your partnership marketing to find new opportunities that deliver growth. Gain access to our trusted team, who'll manage your partnerships and campaigns. Benefit from strategic campaign planning, day-to-day management, targeted performance insights and regular compliance audits. Our partnership experts become an extension of your team and help you achieve your marketing goals.
Choose how you want to manage your partnership marketing
Run your partnership marketing in a way that suits your business strategy. With a range of Platform Plans & Service Plans, you can manage your partnerships in-house using our platform, combine our platform with campaign support and expertise or outsource your partnership programmes through our fully-managed service.
Expand your reach with a global partnership marketing platform
Access local expertise through our worldwide teams. We're based in the UK, the Middle East, Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Australia.
We have more than 20 years of experience and are trusted by over 800 leading advertisers, including HSBC, Samsung and Trip.com.