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Our Website Privacy Policy’s Purpose

(Last Update 14 May 2020 – Please note that we may update this Website Privacy Policy at any time and that you should check back regularly).
Optimise takes the privacy of its customers and users seriously. We take care to put measures in place to comply with relevant data protection and privacy laws, preserve the security and integrity of all the information provided to us and/or collected from those who use our services.
This Website Privacy Policy aims to provide clear and transparent information, especially to our Clients and Partners, regarding how we use their data to deliver our products and services. Our Clients and Partners typically fall into these categories:
  • Advertising Brands (our Clients) who use our digital advertising services and technology to promote their brands and engage with potential and existing customers
  • Affiliates (or Publishers) who use our technology and services to access and run our clients’ advertising campaigns and promote adverts and links to their user audiences (on their websites, email campaigns etc).
If you are a consumer and would like to understand how we process personal data and use cookies on our advertising campaigns and other services, including how to opt out or get in touch, we recommend that you visit our Advertising Privacy Policy read here.

What does it cover?

What personal data we collect

In order to provide our services to our Clients and Partners we collect the following information:
  • Information received in the course of general enquiries via email, telephone and post from potential Clients, Affiliates and Partners about Optimise or its services. Personal data may include names, email addresses and contact details along with information that the user submits within their enquiry.
  • Information and supporting correspondence submitted by prospective Affiliates or Clients at the Optimise website (whether or not the application is ultimately successful). Personal data may include name, email addresses and contact information along with details relating to the applying business (business name, category, website address etc).
  • Information entered into our systems by registered Affiliates and live Clients through the secure login area hosted at the Optimise website. This will include name, contact details as well as bank payment details so that we can process payments to the affiliate.
  • Web site visitor data collected by Optimise via cookies and online identifiers from users of its own website. This is used to carry our analytics on the usage of our website, including visitor numbers
  • Optimise is the Data Controller for all these types of data and processes the data based on contractual arrangements with Affiliates and Clients, having gained consent or our legitimate interest to provide our products and services.
For the avoidance of doubt, the following types of personal data are not covered by this Website Privacy Policy:
Personal data collected from consumers through our Digital Marketing products and services . Please see our Advertising Privacy Policy here for further information

How we use the data

In general, business profile information and/or user data is used to deliver services or information to Optimise Clients and Partners.
Information may be used by Optimise for the following purposes:
  • To communicate with our Clients and Partners including via email, telephone and post
  • To keep our Clients and Partners informed about our products, services and technology
  • To make payments to our Clients and Partners as required to fulfil our commercial agreements
  • To filter information available at the Optimise website, or optimise its presentation, in order to improve, speed up or streamline the experience of using it
  • To provide aggregate information on Optimise Affiliates to Clients and prospective Clients on the size and nature of the Optimise affiliate network
  • To carry out direct marketing activities to prospective Clients
Data that has been submitted to us may be combined with other information for the above purposes.
Data that has been collected by Optimise during the course of providing its Digital Advertising services (including Affiliate Marketing, Rewards and other Digital Marketing services) may be used by Optimise for the following purposes:
  • To calculate advertising campaign performance metrics for individual affiliate websites, or for particular groups of affiliate websites
  • To provide aggregate information to individual clients on the number, behaviour and origin of website users that have been directed to the client’s site from relevant Optimise affiliate sites
  • To calculate or estimate volume and/or revenue projections for individual prospective clients, or clients considering a change to their affiliate marketing programmes, based on total audience size and/or usage and aggregate behaviour patterns
  • To make (or consider making) improvements to any aspect of the services provided by Optimise, including the improvement of Optimise website functionality

Retention of data

All information and user data relating to our Clients and Partners is retained only for as long as is contractually agreed, required by law or required in order for it to be used for its intended purpose.
We also make use of data collected when users visit our website for advertising purposes where we use third-parties such as Facebook and Linkedin. Please see below for more details, including how to opt out.
Information relating to consumer (not business) personal data is provided in our Advertising Privacy Policy. Read here.

Data protection and security

Optimise takes all reasonable measures to ensure that profile information and user data are stored as securely as possible and not lost, misused or altered.
Our infrastructure is hosted in an enterprise-level, highly secure data centre with UPS, fire detection and suppression systems with a sophisticated environment management system. Fortigate Firewalls at all our sites provide site to site VPN tunnels. Strong encryption & DH group, short key life and the latest VPN technologies (PFS, replay detection) ensure the highest level of security. Access to profile information and user data is restricted to those members of staff who must use it in order to carry out their responsibilities. When clients, affiliates or users have been provided with a password that is intended to protect access to their profile or account information, it is their responsibility to keep that password confidential.
Data transmission over the internet is inherently insecure, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the internet

Sharing data with third-parties

Unless Optimise has a legal right to do so (including consent where required) Optimise we will not pass data or personal information to any third party for any reason, subject to the following exceptions.
  • Optimise may disclose personal information to any law enforcement agency who requests it in connection with the commission of an offence, or to comply with applicable laws and lawful government and/or regulatory requests.
  • Optimise may share Client and Partner information such as contact details with third-party suppliers engaged with us to assist in the provision of services to Optimise clients. Optimise suppliers are carefully managed to ensure that they comply with all the terms of this privacy policy when storing or processing the data covered by it.
  • In the event of a corporate transaction such as the purchase or sale of a business or assets, Optimise may disclose aggregate performance information relating our Clients and Partners to the purchaser or seller involved.
  • Optimise have appointed AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the provision of hosting, storage and computation services. Optimise use EEA based AWS data centers.
  • Optimise utilizes Fresh Works Inc, for storage and transmission of support tickets raised by its Clients and Partners.
Both profile information and user data may be transferred between the subsidiary group companies of Optimise Media Group, or between subsidiary companies and the holding company, as defined in section 736 of the UK Companies Act 1985 or section 1519 of the UK Companies Act 2006 as applicable.


We use the following cookies. For further information about controlling cookies, see Controlling Cookies below.

Analytics cookies

_gaoptimisemedia.comUsed to distinguish users for statistical data analysis. yearsHTTP Cookie
_ga_7C0B8LVL6Xoptimisemedia.comUsed to persist session state for statistical data analysis. yearsHTTP Cookie
_ga_MEWSM1MDZGoptimisemedia.comUsed to persist session state for statistical data analysis. yearsHTTP Cookie
_gat_UA-2979828-96optimisemedia.comUsed to throttle request rate. minuteHTTP Cookie
_gidoptimisemedia.comUsed to distinguish users for statistical data analysis. dayHTTP Cookie

Advertising cookies

__hstcoptimisemedia.comUsed to distinguish users for statistical data analysis. yearHTTP Cookie
hubspotutkoptimisemedia.comUsed to distinguish users for statistical data analysis. yearHTTP Cookie
_fbpoptimisemedia.comIdentifies browsers for the purposes of providing advertising and site analytics services. daysHTTP Cookie
langads.linkedincomRemembers the user's selected language. Cookie
AnalyticsSyncHistorylinkedin.comUsed to store information about the time a sync with the lms_analytics cookie took place for users in the Designated Countries. monthHTTP Cookie
UserMatchHistorylinkedin.comLinkedIn Ads ID syncing. monthHTTP Cookie
bcookielinkedin.comBrowser Identifier cookie to uniquely identify devices accessing LinkedIn to detect abuse on the platform. yearsHTTP Cookie
langlinkedin.comRemembers the user's selected language. Cookie
li_gclinkedin.comUsed to store consent of guests regarding the use of cookies for non-essential purposes yearsHTTP Cookie
lidclinkedin.comTo facilitate data center selection dayHTTP Cookie unique ID used to remember your preferences. monthsHTTP Cookie unique ID used to remember your preferences. monthsHTTP Cookie

Non Essential cookies

site24x7rumIDdashboard.optimisemedia.comUsed to distinguish users for statistical data analysis. monthHTTP Cookie
stonly_anonymous_iddashboard.optimisemedia.comStores a unique userid to manage how user guides are displayed to the user.PersistentLocal Storage
_csrfapi.stonly.com Cookie
ak_eu_2kiPfyannouncekit.app yearHTTP Cookie
beacon_sidannouncekit.app Storage
Various (see link)Hotjarhttps://help.hotjar.comPersistentLocal Storage

Essential cookies

reduxPersist:globaldashboard.optimisemedia.comStores a user's preferences relating to a specific account when using the application.PersistentLocal Storage
reduxPersist:sessiondashboard.optimisemedia.comStores a user's preferences for the current session when using the application.PersistentLocal Storage
reduxPersist:globalPreferencesdashboard.optimisemedia.comStores a user's preferences when using the application.PersistentLocal Storage
reduxPersist:languagedashboard.optimisemedia.comStores a user's language & locale settings when using the application.PersistentLocal Storage

Controlling Cookies

You can also control how cookies operate on your device by modifying your browser settings. You will need to ensure that you are running an up to date browser.
  • For Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete… and follow the instructions.
  • For Firefox click the Menu button > Library > History> Clear your recent history… and follow the instructions.
  • For Chrome, at the top right click > Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Clear browsing data… and follow the instructions.
  • For Edge, at the top right click the … icon > Settings > Choose what to clear and follow the instructions
  • For Safari, Select Preferences from the Safari menu or hold down the Command key and the comma key at the same time (Command+,). Go to the Privacy tab and click the Remove All Website Data button and follow the instructions
To understand or unsubscribe from online behavioural advertising (OBA) which will prevent you seeing adverts (potentially Optimise adverts) based on your previous browsing history we recommend you visit

Advertising Cookies

Optimise provides advertising services to its clients which involves the use of cookies and tracking technologies. Further detail can be found in our Advertising Privacy Policy.
Optimise advertises its services through third-parties such as Facebook and LinkedIn who provide services that allow businesses to show relevant ads to their users/members whilst logged in to their accounts. This type of advertising is often referred to as online behavioural advertising (OBA) and typically uses pseudonymous online cookie identifiers that enable adverts to be served based on a user’s previous browsing activity. In this situation Optimise does not collect the data but instead relies on the third-party and their pixels/cookies/widgets which we use on our website. The third-parties operate and serve adverts to their users and members under the terms of their own user agreements.

Data subject rights

European and UK laws include data subjects with a number of specific rights including the right to be informed, to access and to object to processing of personal data. You can see the full list of rights under UK laws here.
To exercise any of these rights you should contact the relevant Data Controller – usually the business that you have provided your personal data to. If you get in touch with Optimise we will need to verify your identity before we can help. We will assist with all requests but may charge an administration fee, which we would make you aware of in advance.
To get in touch with our UK Data Protection Officer please contact
Contact information for other countries can be found on the relevant local websites. See here

Data from children

The services that we provide to our Clients and Partner means that we do not knowingly collect personal data from children (under 13). If you have reason to believe that we have please get in touch and we will delete it.


By continuing to use the Optimise website, you confirm your acceptance of the terms of this privacy policy. If you do not accept the terms of this privacy policy, you should not provide Optimise with any profile information. However, please note that Optimise may not be able to provide you with some or all of its services in the absence of this information.


We may revise this policy at any time in order to reflect changes to our services, or to comply with changes to relevant legislation and reserve the right to do so without notice. We advise you to check this page often in order to ensure you are aware of any recent revisions.

Links to third-party websites

The Optimise website contains links to websites owned and operated by third parties. Optimise is not responsible for the content of these websites.


This privacy policy is governed by UK law.

Registration with the Information Commissioner (ICO)

Optimise Media (UK) Ltd is registered with the ICO (registration number Z7016101).

How to complain or ask a question

To get in touch with our Data Protection Officer please contact
We will assist with all requests but may charge an administration fee, which we will notify you of in advance
To raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner visit