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Network Migration - Go.Compare increases profitability by 68% using Optimise

Go.Compare wanted to achieve more value from its partnership marketing. After switching to Optimise, the comparison website achieved 70% growth in the first year and improved its profitability.
Campaign Services | Partner Intelligence | Network Migration
Solutions: Partner Intelligence and Campaign Services
Industries: Financial Services and Insurance
Regions: UK
Go.Compare is a comparison website that enables people to compare the costs and features of a wide variety of insurance policies, financial products and energy tariffs.
Based in the UK, Go.Compare is the only comparison website to be invited to join the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
We had an ambitious timeline to migrate and Optimise worked tirelessly and efficiently to make this happen…. our old supplier was less than helpful… but it almost didn’t matter thanks to the support we were given by Optimise.
Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Profitability Increase
Growth in the first year
Reduction in tenancy spend

Choosing the right affiliate network with leading-edge technology and local expertise

Go.Compare needed a proactive affiliate network in the UK to support its partnership and affiliate marketing. It was essential for the comparison website to find a platform that offered innovative technology, strategic advice as well as practical support. After searching the market, Go.Compare chose Optimise as it met the company's requirements.
"Having undertaken a full review of the capabilities of affiliate networks in the UK it was a clear decision for us to migrate to Optimise."
Isobel Scott, Partnerships and Affiliates Manager, Go.Compare
The Optimise team worked closely with Go.Compare to seamlessly migrate its entire partnership programme over to the Optimise network in only six weeks with no disruption to campaigns or loss of sales. In addition, Optimise's UK team addressed critical pain points so Go.Compare’s future partnership marketing campaigns ran more smoothly.

Strategic analysis and identifying new opportunities

Go.Compare's engagement with Optimise began with a programme of workshops to understand the comparison website's business objectives and the goals of its partnership marketing strategy.
Optimise then created a strategic plan using its UK campaign specialists to help Go.Compare achieve its goals by leveraging new opportunities for its cashback offering. An in-depth analysis of the market was fundamental to helping Go.Compare capitalise on its partnership marketing. Optimise deployed its unique competitor insight tool, Partner Intelligence, along with the expertise of its local team in the financial services and insurance sector.
With this knowledge, Go.Compare could see how its cashback rates and offers compared to others in the channel, and specifically the value of tenancy spots and share vs rate for the comparison website.
"Their focus on strategic account direction combined with valuable functionality which is not available elsewhere provides a highly attractive package."
Isobel Scott, Partnerships and Affiliates Manager, Go.Compare

Major boost to profitability through data-driven insights

Using the insights from its Partner Intelligence tool and expert team, Optimise identified opportunities for Go.Compare to generate more sales with lower spending. Optimise fine-tuned the scheduling of tenancies, optimised the value of cashback rates and changed the commission trigger from a Cost per Quote to a Cost per Sale metric.
Implementing these changes transformed the results of Go.Compare’s partnership marketing programme. The comparison website achieved a 69% increase in profitability and 70% growth in the first year. In addition, Go.Compare benefitted from a 68% reduction in its tenancy spend.
"Working with Optimise we are better able to develop our programme, reduce internal administrative workload and attain better value. They tick every box for us."
Isobel Scott, Partnerships and Affiliates Manager, Go.Compare