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Go.Compare achieves exceptional results in a tough market using Optimise’s award-winning expertise

Best Managed Campaign Award
Optimise delivered expert campaign management for Go.Compare and won the Best Managed Campaign Award at the Performance Marketing Awards in 2023.
Go.Compare successfully navigated multiple challenges in the insurance market to grow sales by 33% and exceed all of its objectives. The comparison website leveraged Optimise’s campaign services to secure profitable new partnerships, deliver bespoke incentive campaigns and deploy innovative technology to analyse competitor offers.
Achieving high-performance results and exceeding every objective
The strategy devised for Go.Compare was a huge success, with all its objectives exceeded. Sales grew by 33%, revenue YoY grew by 38.11% whilst the average CPA remained the same as the prior year, delivering a greater ROI too.
Increase in clicks
Growth in sales
Uplift in revenue YoY

Facing a challenging market with demanding growth targets

At the start of 2022, Go.Compare had to plan how to deal with tough market conditions. FCA rules on premium pricing for vehicle insurance had introduced change and uncertainty about how to market products and also raised the risk of fewer consumers switching providers.
However, Go.Compare had clear ambitions to continue its track record of year-on-year growth through its affiliate programme. Affiliates had been one of the most profitable channels for Go.Compare, so the comparison website wanted to continue maximising its results without compromising quality.
Optimise began by completing a deep dive into the historical activity using Go.Compare data and insights from its innovative Partner Intelligence tool. This detailed analysis directly informed the campaign targets: to grow traffic share by 15%, grow sales by 10% and diversify Go.Compare’s affiliate and partner base to broaden the source of traffic and sales.

Creating new opportunities through customer incentives

As part of the strategy to meet the campaign goals, Optimise identified an opportunity to explore unique customer incentives as a new tactic. As a result, Optimise recommended the use of Rewards for rapidly creating and deploying user incentive campaigns.
Optimise Rewards is the in-house digital voucher fulfilment platform which handles every step of the incentive journey from the first click to issuing the incentive to the customer. The clever alignment of both validation files and reward fulfilments made the whole process seamless for the consumer, partner and Go.Compare.
With this new capability, Go.Compare could also create unique and bespoke incentives for each partner to help them establish brand-new partnerships in the incentive space.

Securing strategic partnerships

Optimise also secured further new partnerships to drive Go.Compare's growth plans:
  • Closed User Group Partners - leveraging partners like Very-me Rewards, Vodafone's loyalty programme for pay monthly and PAYG customers, which doubled their performance on average due to the new and refreshed incentive offer.
  • Tech Partners - Gener8, which allows users to earn points from their tracked online data, added Go.Compare to its browser extension that promotes rewards and offers.
  • OEMs - Original Equipment Manufacturers such as VeVe, which promotes brands via pre-installed apps on new handsets and devices.
In addition, due to the ambitious nature of Go.Compare's objectives, the Optimise team explored untapped opportunities within the comparison website's wide range of products. Optimise assessed the commercial viability of each product set and identified travel insurance and car leasing products to add to the affiliate channel.

Deploying innovative technology to deliver unique market insights

Achieving Go.Compare's bold goals meant the comparison website's existing partnerships had to be optimised. Optimise capitalised on its unique Partner Intelligence technology to track and monitor Go.Compare's position and performance in the cashback market against its competitors for both popularity listings and tenancy placements.
Using Partner Intelligence, Optimise identified specific tactics that would enable Go.Compare to keep its popularity rankings and drive up volumes without increasing the overall CPA. Partner Intelligence pinpointed the optimum time to run the promotions, such as payday weeks, to maximise effectiveness and allow Go.Compare to successfully outmanoeuvre its competitors. This approach increased click volume by 34% and sales volume by 26%.