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Crossbet grows beyond its expectations with the help of Optimise

Crossbet leveraged a targeted media strategy to establish its brand in a fiercely competitive market. Within six weeks, the successful campaign by Optimise reached over 50% of the online bookmaker's target audience.
Media Strategy | Channel Management | Brand Awareness
Solutions: Agency Services
Industries: Financial Services
Regions: Australia
Crossbet is a new entrant (2021) to the online wagering market in Australia. The Brisbane-based bookmaker is an all-digital operation, focussing on tech & its social platform to give customers a better online experience.
"Chris & the team have a deep understanding of our business and the media landscape and carefully worked with us to develop a strategy which has allowed us to understand our audience, stand up in the market and aggressively grow our business to a level beyond our expectations."
Scott Cross, Founder & CEO, Crossbet

Competing with global brands as a new market entrant

The online wagering market in Australia is the most competitive in the world, dominated by large multinational operators with media budgets over $50M AUD, with little differentiation.
Crossbet was looking to launch its brand and gain market share rapidly before its 2022 IPO. Given a relatively small media budget, Crossbet needed to leverage a highly targeted media strategy to avoid wastage and obtain SOV around vital sporting events when competitors ramp up advertising and acquisition volumes peak.
Crossbet searched the market for a full-service media agency that could prioritise media to deliver customer acquisition and engagement on a fixed-cost basis. This search led the online bookmaker to select Optimise to create and deliver its media strategy. Optimise stood out from the competition because of its flexible buying model and in-depth expertise across the media landscape.
_"As a new entrant to a very competitive market, effective media strategy has been crucial to our initial success. After an extensive process we appointed Optimise to lead this." _
Scott Cross, Founder & CEO, Crossbet

Delivering a cost-effective media strategy

To meet Crossbet's campaign objectives, Optimise developed a multi-faceted media strategy across TV, radio and OOH to complement always on performance channels of search and social.
By handpicking OOH assets around sporting venues, petrol stations and licensed premises and sports-focussed TV content, Optimise was able to leverage a huge audience for Crossbet at key wagering event times for a fraction of the spend of competitors.

Media campaign reached over 50% of Crossbet's target audience

The bespoke media campaign designed by Optimise was deployed successfully and resulted in over 50% of Crossbet's target audience being exposed to the ads in a six-week flight.
Crossbet's ads generated huge awareness for the brand, and record acquisition numbers continue to be achieved (both directly and through performance channels). Above all, the results surpassed the online bookmaker's original goals.