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Three Essential Steps in Affiliate Campaign Optimisation
Three Essential Steps in Affiliate Campaign Optimisation

Three Essential Steps in Affiliate Campaign Optimisation - Review, Renew, Remove

At Optimise we have a structured approach to optimising advertisers campaign performance which we can break down into three steps.


This step involved analysing all the affiliate activity from the top down. This includes identifying trends, seasonality, and changes in competitor behavior. Identifying competitor changes can be particularly challenging but is crucial for staying competitive. To address this challenge, Optimise has developed Market Intelligence, a suite of tools that gathers data to enable account mangers to analyse performance effectively.


After reviewing the performance data, the next step is to decide whether to review what is working well or refresh it with something new or additional to drive even better ROI. This step involves optimising successful affiliate campaigns to ensure they continue to perform at their best


Not all strategies yield positive results. In this step, if after trying all angles a strategy element still doesn’t work its removed from the affiliate strategy. However, this doesn’t mean its gone forever. Optimise keeps all the data to revisit later down the line when product or marketing conditions have changed. This approach ensures that unsuccessful affiliates strategies aren’t completely discarded but rather put on hold for potential future reevaluation.
By following this structured approach of Review, Renew, and Remove, Optimise aims to continuously improve ROI for advertisers and affiliate campaigns.
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