Introducing the Regulated Network: Optimise’s Unique Approach
Introducing the Regulated Network: Optimise’s Unique Approach

Introducing the Regulated Network: Optimise’s Unique Approach

Optimise has created a new approach for Financial Brands wishing to work with non-FCA authorised Partner sites. Known as the ‘Regulated Network’ Optimise has tackled one of the most pressing problems for Financial Brands wishing to scale their Partner Marketing and the number of Affiliate partners they work with.

The problem

Banking, Finance & Insurance Brands will often only work with FCA authorised affiliate partners should they implement an agreed regulatory framework. Typically, brands form agreements appointing each partner as an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) or an Appointed Representative (AR).
The workload for each agreement is considerable. Both Brands and Affiliate Partners are required to carefully consider each one, and implement processes to provide assurance of ongoing compliance. For Partnership Managers this can be extremely frustrating as they see opportunity after opportunity go sliding by. At best the administrative burden slows progress and at worse prevents any progress at all.

The Optimise Solution

As an FCA authorised company, Optimise has the infrastructure in place to manage and run regulated promotions. On this basis Optimise can be the Principal for a financial promotion. In doing so they accept the associated responsibilities.
Optimise uses its Principal status to form IAR agreements with selected Affiliate Partners who are not otherwise authorised, and this is the crux Regulated Network Service. It enables Partners to promote any financial brands who require their Partners to be authorised, and work with Optimise. Equally a brand can work with Optimise to promote financial products with Affiliate Partners who have become an IAR with us - our Regulated Network. Importantly this is not available to every Optimise Affiliate; each Partner authorised by Optimise is carefully vetted, but unsurprisingly they include many partnerships which brands consistently want to work with, and include: Topcashback, Save the Student and Which?
Currently authorised for Credit and Insurance products, Optimise has applied for authorisation for Investment products which we seek to add to our Regulated Network product portfolio in 2024.