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Scale your Partnerships efficiently with Optimise Invitations Hub
Scale your Partnerships efficiently with Optimise Invitations Hub

Optimise Invitations Hub: Streamlining Your Network Growth

Are you tired of the time-consuming process of reaching out to Partners, managing paperwork, and coordinating terms and conditions when expanding your network? We understand that your time is precious, and that's why we're excited to introduce the all-new Optimise Invitations Hub - a game-changer for advertisers looking to effortlessly connect with Partners and boost their network growth.

Seamless Invitations: Elevating Your Advertiser Experience

Gone are the days of lengthy processes to onboard publishers. With the Invitations Hub, Advertisers can now search for publishers and send invitations to join campaigns in a matter of minutes. This streamlined feature simplifies the entire process, from selecting the desired publishers to adding a personalised touch with a brief message.

Effortless Management, Real-Time Visibility

Managing invitations has never been easier. The Invitations Hub provides a clear overview of the status of all your invitations, ensuring you stay on top of your outreach efforts. Now you can easily track and monitor the publishers you've invited, allowing for more efficient campaign management.

Instant Activation, No Manual Effort

Once a Partner accepts your invitation, the process doesn't stop there – it's just beginning! The Invitations Hub takes care of the manual effort associated with adding publishers to campaigns and sending tracking links. With a seamless workflow, your publishers are ready to roll, live on the campaign, without any additional manual intervention.

Empowering Partners with a User-Friendly Experience

Understanding that collaboration is key, we've made managing invites equally simple for publishers. The Invitations Hub acts as the central platform for partners to effortlessly accept campaign invites, agree to terms and conditions, and promptly go live. Even if a partner decides the campaign isn't the right fit at the moment, they can provide valuable feedback on their rejection, helping advertisers gain insights for future collaborations.

Elevate Your Network Growth with Optimise Invitations Hub

The Optimise Invitations Hub is designed to empower Advertisers with a user-friendly, time-efficient solution for expanding their network of publishers. Say goodbye to tedious processes and hello to a streamlined, innovative approach to growing your partnerships network.