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LD Sharma to buy Optimise India and rebrand to Shoogloo Network
LD Sharma to buy Optimise India and rebrand to Shoogloo Network
After a decade of partnership between LD Sharma and Optimise, LD Sharma through Shoogloo, has bought Optimise India and rebranded to Shoogloo. As part of the changes, LD Sharma has exited the Optimise group, and Optimise has acquired 100% ownership of Optimise APAC. This is part of a change in strategy of Optimise to consolidate its global offering and provide greater reach to global brands in all markets, with the help of the 15 local support teams across the world.
The partnership began in 2008 when LD Sharma launched Shoogloo Network supported by Optimise's partner management platform. This evolved into Optimise India, which has grown into a major player in India. Optimise Group was subsequently able to launch across SEA through the establishment of a service team in India. Executive Chairman, Richard Syme, commented that "establishing our presence in India was an important step in our goal to become the largest Asian Partnership network. Optimise Group subsequently established the local team in Singapore, and more widely across Southeast Asia."
In 2018, Optimise Group acquired Shoogloo Media in the Middle East to further expand its reach for advertisers. Carla Arrindell, Global Sales & Marketing Director for Optimise, said, "Whilst the long-standing partnership between Optimise and LD Sharma has been a strong one, these new changes to the ownership and management structure are incredibly exciting and create significant opportunities for ongoing success for both businesses."
"LD Sharma commented on the deal, ‘The relationship with Optimise has been very successful and rewarding, however the acquisition of Optimise India was an important step in building the Shoogloo Group’s future plans".