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Accelerated payments for partners - MENA
Accelerated payments for partners - MENA

Accelerated payments for partners - MENA

Optimise launches Partner Pay to fast track payments for all eligible partners
Partners, publishers and affiliates of any size in the Middle East and North Africa can now receive faster commission payments with qualifying advertisers through Partner Pay, our new payment product. Eligible partners can request express payment of their earnings up to eight weeks earlier than our standard payment timescales. This new product allows you to have greater control over how much you are paid and when you receive your payments.
Earn $100 USD a month to request express payment
Once you earn at least $100 USD a month for three months through the Optimise network, you are eligible to become one of our Gold members, allowing you to request express or faster payments. Faster payments give you access to your earnings up to six weeks earlier than our standard payment timescales.
In addition, partners earning over $5,000 USD a month become eligible Platinum members and receive additional benefits, including exclusive upsized commissions as well as fast-tracked payments and reduced fees for both faster and express payments.
Giles Hunt, Chief Technical Officer at Optimise, said, "We've listened to partners about their frustrations with the time it takes to receive commission payments. That's why we've launched Partner Pay to ensure our members can access their earnings as soon as possible."
"We want to support and encourage partners to work on more campaigns with our advertisers and brands. Partner Pay benefits all types of partnerships, but particularly those that invest capital in promoting and growing advertisers’ campaigns."
The leading payment package for partners
Partner Pay enhances the benefits of our payment offering to partners. You can choose which currency to get paid in, regardless of the campaign's currency, and your commissions are combined across all currencies to calculate the minimum withdrawal threshold. Both features help you reduce your banking fees. Other partner benefits include twice monthly payments and the service and support of our partnership marketing platform and local teams.
Richard Syme, Chairman at Optimise, said, "With the addition of Partner Pay, we now offer the leading payment package in the market. Affiliates and partners of every size can now benefit from earlier payments and our exclusive campaigns with major brands."
Traditionally, performance marketing networks have only paid partners once an advertiser approves a sale and the advertiser has paid the affiliate network. However, this approach left partners waiting to receive their commission payment, even when the network knew it would get paid by the advertiser. As a result, affiliates and partners experienced cash flow issues which prevented them from reinvesting and generating more conversions.
Product Pay will initially be available in Southeast Asia and the Middle East before becoming available to partners worldwide.
If you are an Optimise Partner you can sign in to view your membership level and request faster or express payments. Alternatively, join us as an Optimise Partner.