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Leveraging Coupon Attribution in Affiliate Campaigns
Leveraging Coupon Attribution in Affiliate Campaigns

Leveraging Coupon Attribution in Affiliate Marketing

There are many coupon & voucher websites running in the affiliate space and they can provide lots of sales and increased AoV meaning they are popular with Advertisers.
Some Advertisers favour coupon attribution over traditional cookie-based attribution systems. In this article we'll explore some of the pros and cons of direct coupon attribution in Affiliate Marketing and how Optimise Voucher Attribution tools can help you run your partnership campaigns.

What is Coupon Attribution?

Coupon Attribution introduces a novel tracking approach, enabling cookie-less tracking by exclusively monitoring sales via coupon codes. As the utilisation of social media by publishers and influencers grows, particularly on platforms like Instagram & TikTok where affiliate tracking links are restricted, coupon (or voucher) attribution provides a solution to ensure accurate conversion tracking.

How Does Coupon Attribution Work?

An Advertiser creates unique coupon codes and distributes them to affiliates to advertise. The Affiliate promotes the code on their website, app or social media. A regular report of all sales recorded against those coupon codes is produced and used to attribute commission to the affiliates.

How Can Optimise Partner Platform Help?

With Optimise Partner Platform you can access our Voucher Management tools where you can upload and share vouchers, coupons and discounts with all the Partners signed up to your affiliate campaign. Affiliates & Partners can use our Partner Tools to quickly integrate and promote offers and discounts across their media.
If you're using attribution and business intelligence tools like Google Analytics & Google Looker Studio, Optimise Partner Platform can easily integrate and automate the reporting process ensuring your Partners get up to date reporting.
To explore how Optimise Partner Platform can support your coupon attribution based affiliate campaigns, view our Platform Plans & Service Plans or get in touch to discuss your requirements.