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Connecting the Dots: How QR Codes Enhance Attribution in Affiliate Marketing
Connecting the Dots: How QR Codes Enhance Attribution in Affiliate Marketing

Connecting the Dots: How QR Codes Enhance Attribution in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate and partnership campaigns have become integral components of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. With the proliferation of smartphones and the ease of accessing information on the go, leveraging QR (Quick Response) codes have become mainstream tools that users are familiar with. QR Codes are a powerful tool to enhance the effectiveness of your affiliate & partnership campaigns, driving activity across devices and from brick to click: offline to online attribution. In this article, we'll delve into the practicalities of integrating QR codes into your affiliate and partnership initiatives, exploring the myriad ways they can drive engagement, foster customer relationships, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Understanding the Power of QR Codes

Many of us will now be used to QR codes for calling up a menu or settling the bill in a restaurant. But QR codes can go much further and prevent marketing silos, bridging the gap between offline and online marketing efforts and enabling attribution for performance marketing campaigns to begin their journey offline.
One of the challenges affiliates and partners face with taking their marketing efforts offline is how to distribute their unique Tracking URL so they can ensure attribution. QR Codes can step in here. With Optimise, Affiliates can generate a QR Code in their login for any Campaign simply by using the Link Builder in their account.

Brand Partnerships

Brands can use QR codes to measure attribution and reward growth across their Channel Partnership ecosystem, using a tool like Optimise Partner Platform to measure the KPIs and metrics related to their campaigns. Whether its flyers, posters or at the Point of Sales QR Codes can provide additional measurement for partner campaigns.
Brands should ensure QR code destinations are mobile-friendly and publishers should communicate transparency and trustworthiness to users scanning the codes.
Utilising branded or stylised QR Codes via tools like Uniqode QR Generator can help drive brand recognition and increase engagement.
If you're an Optimise Partner and want to understand more about how to use QR Code view Partner QR Codes on our Knowledge site.
If you're an Advertiser and want to explore how this could work for you get in touch today.