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APMA launches Cracking Tracking
APMA launches Cracking Tracking
At Optimise, we're thrilled to announce our support for the Affiliate & Partner Marketing Association's (APMA) groundbreaking initiative – "Cracking Tracking." As a founding partner of the APMA and a leading affiliate network, we’re proud to be actively involved in this year-long campaign that focuses on driving technical excellence in affiliate marketing.
As the Partner Marketing ecosystem continues to evolve, challenges like the obsoletion of third-party cookies and the requisite of consent banners pose significant hurdles. With "Cracking Tracking," the APMA aims to tackle these issues head-on, ensuring that every affiliate link is accounted for, every valid transaction is duly rewarded, and brands gain clarity on their marketing budgets.
To kick off this campaign, The APMA have released a comprehensive guide on affiliate tracking, offering valuable insights into its mechanics, essential terminology, and a comprehensive guide to tracking through the unique lens of the affiliate channel.
From Google Analytics 4 to third party cookies and consent walls there are many topics to discuss. The APMA aims to furnish you with all you need to know to make your tracking configuration best in class.
As signatories to the Open Industry Letter Optimise will continue to support this initiative and its goals. We encourage everyone in the industry to read the guides and consider how their Campaigns may be impacted and what mitigation actions they can take.