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Leading the Way in FCA Consumer Duty Compliance for Affiliate Marketing
Leading the Way in FCA Consumer Duty Compliance for Affiliate Marketing

How Optimise is Leading the Way in FCA Consumer Duty Compliance for Affiliate Marketing

The Consumer Duty regulation took effect on 31st July 2023, ensuring that regulated firms go further to provide good outcomes for their customers. Optimise was at the forefront of understanding these regulations and supporting Advertisers and Partners with implementation within their affiliate marketing campaigns.
Optimise has developed unique technology that empowers Advertisers to more easily adhere to the Consumer Duty regulations with their Affiliate and Partner programmes, to achieve positive outcomes for customers. This proprietary technology is enhanced by support from Optimise’s expert team, ensuring that vulnerable customer conflicts are automatically identified, alerted and managed effectively. Here are the key features and benefits:

Consumer Duty Compliance

The technology ensures that advertising practices align with Consumer Duty rules, protecting customers' best interests.

Vulnerable Customer Protection

The system automatically pauses partner traffic if it detects that vulnerable customer targets are being marketed to, preventing potential exploitation or harm.

Supported by an Expert Team

Beyond automation, dedicated personnel are available to handle and manage conflicts involving vulnerable customers, ensuring resolutions are appropriate for any nuanced scenarios.

Resolution Management

The platform facilitates seamless resolution management between Partners and Advertisers, promoting quick and fair dispute resolution.

Transparency and Auditability

Optimise provides a fully transparent platform with a comprehensive audit trail, allowing all actions and decisions to be tracked and reviewed for accountability and continuous improvement.
These features collectively ensure that Advertisers and Partners can confidently deliver effective campaigns while maintaining robust protections for vulnerable customers and adhering to regulatory requirements.
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