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Lead Generation with precision targeting that beat CPA targets by 35%

Woolworths’ rewards membership base growth had plateaued, and they asked us to help grow the membership base through a bonus points offer, but without causing dissonance with existing members and wasting ad spend on reaching existing customers or those that are not interested in joining.
We beat CPA targets by 35% and eliminated 100% of ad spend wastage.

Precision targeting with a 6-step user experience

We developed an intelligent lead generation campaign using a six-step user experience to ensure that only the ‘exact’ customer profile was targeted. This delivered an increase in the rewards membership base and avoided customer dissonance and ad spend wastage.

Only pay for engagements on a true performance basis

We worked closely with Woolworths to pinpoint the most valuable demographic audience segments, and then only targeted these ‘exact’ customer profiles through a user experience tailored towards different online preferences and behaviours. Prequalifying questions ensured only the exact customer prospects were able to opt-in to receiving and SMS or Email to join the membership program and receive their bonus points. We A/B tested different data sets, creatives and user experiences before scaling up the campaign with confidence we could beat the CPA outcomes. Performance was maximised through continuous measurement of conversion by publisher, channel, media format, data source and audience profiles, so that targeting and media placements could be further optimised. Conversion was optimised further by nurturing incomplete registrations through follow up reminders on SMS and email, as well as social re-targeting, programmatic display and video.

We exceeded CPA targets by 35% and this is now an ‘always on’ acquisition channel for Woolworths

We are delivering consistent and predictable volumes of new members each month, with zero ad spend wastage and zero impact on existing customers.
Lead Generation with precision targeting, with a six-step user experience to ensure Woolworths only paid for engagements on a true performance basis. We beat CPA targets by 35%, with zero ad spend wastage.